Who am I?

Hmmm… Who am I? Well, I tend to be waaay too wordy, I’m sure even more so when asked to describe something as egotistically delicious as myself.  So instead, I’ll try to cut it down to basics….

I guess I’m a little:

3416389594_91283d54e11(Well, dude-ette – and yup thats right, the old-school turtles!  Before this new generation put ’em on steroids.)

with some nerdiness thrown in, becaue I  love to read:


and write:


My past-times include beating boys at basketball,


listening to good music,










and spending too much time and money at:








Finally, I’m really into history.  Yeah, stuff like this:







I even collect ancient coins (yes I know there’s no possible way to get nerdier).  I have one of these:






and really want one of these:







Oh and though I’m very happy here in Cali, I’ll always love my hometown:

chicago_skyline_night1(Chi-Town, Baby!)


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